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The Forgotten Cur

Love and Forgive

A sickness has stealthily overtaken the world by surprise, It has devoured nations and delivered them into the hands of doom. It has obnubilated the sight of many a wise men and corrupted their purpose, and we have more over only fed this evil host our gluttony.

What is this sickness?

This sickness is the love we have for hatred and the hatred we have for love within the rusting walls of our dark corrupted hearts. It is that unstatiable thirst for retaliation and vengeance.We have become so intoxicated in it’s venom that we have forgotten respect for our elders and love for our children, forgotten is the common color of blood, a sign of unity from God and all our differences have become manifest like a swollen pustule to our disgraceful decline, we perceive arrogance to be ‘cool’ and humility we deem embarrasing. Smiling has become a bygone trait and pride is the modern day cloak.

What have we become?

Indeed there is a cure to this sickness, there is a cure to every sickness, we stand unaware in the face of wisdom.

There is a cure ridiculed,repressed and long forgotten, the one cure that holds the gift of emancipation from all miseries. This cure is respecting elders and loving children, outspreading smiles and subduing arrogance, forgiving transgressors and guiding them to their convalescence God willing.

Come join hands with us and let us wipe the tears off the faces of the starved on the streets, let us forgive our enemies today and embrace them in love, let peace prevail in the lands and let us teach the coming generation that one and one don’t add up to two but a greater one, so let us all come together in oneness, harmony and love and help those who have not the strength to rise on their own.

Let us become real brother’s and sister’s to one another for life’s foundation is laid on love and love alone.

This is a site that emulates all that is loved by God, holding an infinite value to all those with willing hearts.

A courageous undertaking by a handful of passionate individuals to restore what has been lost through decades of war, hatred and corruption.The Forgotten Cure has been sought by many, but where people have failed, there are lessons to be learnt.The Cure allows for a world where there is freedom without opression, where upon falling into evil we rise upon pillars of righteous deeds, a world where spreading love is not seen as a taboo but as the ultimate cure to the pathway to solidarity. We hope you will join us in our pursuit to spread the message of love, forgiveness and righteousness to the far corners of the world.

Love is our savior and forgiveness our redemption, This is the cure.

The Forgotten Cure


The Forgotten Cure started its journey on the 26th of January 2012


Working on their first album (Message to Mankind), Godwilling will be out soon.

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