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The Forgotten Cur

Love and Forgive


Quotes A very bold initiative by my brother Viji. The lack of any money in the Forgotten Cure shows me exactly what change from the Inside-Out means. One man's vision, many helping hands. Quotes
Inside out

Quotes idk wat i am supposed to say....the words are just too small ...its not wat i was waiting for...not wat i was expecting....its more than THAT....INCOMPARABLE....i pray that we all LEARN and then we all PRACTICE...for that's the only way where's hope.....the way of LOVE Quotes
yumna hayat

Quotes God only knows how long i have waited to witness the birth of the Forgotten Cure...A very individual and unique band with a message that has been overlooked over centuries..May God be the one to bless your efforts, and to help us support and contribute to spreading this awe inspiring message that is the Forgotten Cure to the most furthest corners of the planet....Always keep your chin up boys!Bestest wishes from your number one fan x x x Hanaa Kassam Quotes

Quotes A very inspirational, lovable and enjoyable way to spread the message of love..... I m really happy that u never back down, nor did u change ur path to spread the message... At last the change has begun.... I wish that God forgive everyone and show the path of love to every one... God bless u and all those who forgive and love.... Quotes
Ravi Goyal