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The Forgotten Cur

Love and Forgive

We are not yet dead that      
    we may stop loving!

                                The Unheard Speech 

'The edifice of an enchanting fragrance is covered in billows of tantalizing nostalgia.'

I work in an office which is almost always in a constant state of tumultuous commotion. 
And most of the times people walk past me without even noticing whats on my computer screen. Well why would they? 
And what is so interesting about my computer screen anyway? To most people a simple notepad file isn't quiet the excitement they'd anticipate at work but to me it is as magical as Dumbledore's wand. 
Ever wonder what you could do if you had the power to change the way people perceived the world and its worthless yet paradoxically significant day to day fuss!

Perhaps you could make everyone fall in love with you, or be the president who didn't have to deal with the economy, or just simply watch 'The Simpsons' till you got another idea on how to quaff a never ending profit out of this ignorant world. Whats the point in all this? - Vanity and the misery never ends!

Well to be honest, God crowned us human beings with an extra-ordinary chaplet of wisdom, locked within the vessel of intention.There is a saying humility comes before honor! and I couldn't agree more. The wisdom we possess cannot be unlocked unless we intend to act in 
righteousness.Righteous is he who has loved his neighbor and forsaken evil, who has paid heed to the admonishment of the wise and who has loved and outspread love. So how is this in anyway relating to my notepad file ?

The notepad file itself isn't in any way magical, but its utilization is! You can use a sword to kill a man or itch your back, the glory of the sword is in its employment. 
And the notepad under a wise pen(or wise hands on a keyboard in this case) is mightier than the sword. What a beautiful impression words leave on a person, isn't it true? Well this is the beginning of change, or like how a friend of mine used to say, this is the beginning of sowing the seed of thought that might one day sprout to become the bud of innocence and later on thrust out of the soil of conscience as the tree of wisdom and light. 

And this particular tree gives out that fragrance which is regarded as the best of all, the fragrance of moral edification.
An unbeliever is not he who does not worship God but he who deny's the truth. So let us all ascend to the pinnacle of truth despite the pain and toil ingrained in its path,
May we all be the scribes of truth. for there is no peace in peace, 
there is only peace in turmoil.
And rest all is vanity !

                                         God guide us all to effulgent light,Amen.  
                                   Peace be upon all of you my brothers and sisters.